As the earth is rotating we can see the virtual movement of the sun across the sky. For visualizing this movement we put up this project Earth L.A.T. 12:00:

The local apparent time (L.A.T.) 12:00 is defined as the time the sun is appearing at the local south meridian – the sun is located exactly south and at its highest daily elevation. Sundials show L.A.T. by the moving shadow.

We will produce a 24/7 live video stream of shadows crossing the 12:00 line at this site. Every fewl minutes the next sundial will enter the live stream – so one can follow L.A.T. 12:00 the earth round and really sense the moving globe.

Therefore we are on to collect as many webcams as possible delivering live images of sundials. The different live images are switched online on local apparent time 12:00 consecutive and while there is no cloud hiding the sun. This procedure will work automatically.

With regard to the project: There is still a lot to be done!

But: We already have one partner sundial: KEPLERUHR - as far as they implement a livestream you can watch its livestream at this site.

© Kurt Niel

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