As the earth rotaties we can see the virtual movement of the sun across the sky. The aim of the project Earth L.A.T. 12:00 is to visualize this movement.

The local apparent time (L.A.T.) 12:00 is defined as the time the sun appears on the local south meridian – at which point the sun is located directly above / the suns station is at its southmost point. Sundials show L.A.T. by the moving shadow.

Our goal is to produce a 24/7 live video stream of shadows crossing the 12:00 line all over the world. Every few minutes the live stream switches to the next sundial – so one can follow L.A.T. 12:00 as the earth rotates and to get a real sense of our spinning globe.

Anyone can start a sundial which is basically a stick casting a shadow on a flat surface. The hardware required to do this could be e.g. a RaspberryPI+Cam (U$ 100 + U$ 5/month for transfer costs). The system also has to be correctly set up and programmed. The images are then transferred via SFTP to the server, which automatically selects the displayed image.

To do this we need to have as many webcams as possible delivering live images of sundials. The different live images are displayed consecutively at local apparent time 12:00. That is, if no clouds get in the way. This procedure will work automatically.

With regard to the project: There is still a lot to be done!

We already have one partner sundial: - you can watch its livestream there or > Live-View.