Station BennauhrDetail View: received at UTC 16:04:01
Location: Atzenhain, Germany
50°38’53”N 8°59’15”E

Webcam: RaspberryPI+Cam
Transfer: RaspberryPI

Description: Empiric drawn vertical sundial showing clock time.


Team: Gerhard and Matheus Benna
Total View: received at UTC 16:04:01

UTC (Universal Time Clock/Koordinierte Weltzeit) +
EoT (Equation of Time/Zeitgeichung) [mm:ss] +
EoL (Equation of Longitude/Zeitverschiebung Längengrad) [mm:ss] =
LAT (Local Apparante Time/WOZ Wahre Ortszeit)

More description to the HW-solution can be found at > Projects > GKU Cam Project.