Station CMU_ArchitectureDetail View: received at UTC 11:47:06
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
18°47’23”N 98°59’23”E

Webcam: RaspberryPI+Cam
Transfer: RaspberryPI

Description: Between the time of 3-4 pm ICT the warmest smile will be shaded and the heart will be lightended up again by our beloved one from the sky.


Team: Burin Tharavichitkun, Karn Khamkaew, Wetchayan Rangsri
Total View: received at UTC 11:47:05

UTC (Universal Time Clock/Koordinierte Weltzeit) +
EoT (Equation of Time/Zeitgeichung) [mm:ss] +
EoL (Equation of Longitude/Zeitverschiebung Längengrad) [mm:ss] =
LAT (Local Apparante Time/WOZ Wahre Ortszeit)

More description to the HW-solution can be found at > Projects > GKU Cam Project.